Purchasing a property to rent out can be a goal of yours when you're interested in financial independence or early retirement. While considering different properties available, you need to see how beneficial a realtor is. 

Reaching out to a realtor can help you discover issues you may not have considered first and lead you to a property that will be an ideal match.

Discuss the Potential Rental Income

Along with considering the listing price of a property, you need to understand the potential income you can expect after finding a tenant. Researching nearby properties with similar square footage and amenities can ensure that you'll have a realistic idea of how much you can charge for renters.

It can be a challenge to determine the ideal rent to charge for a property, making the insight of a realtor so helpful to ensure that you're able to see a profit with the property.

Since you'll need to pay for property taxes, home insurance, and of course, the mortgage, you'll need to check that the rental potential is worth the investment.

Ask About Remodeling

Having an inspection of the property done can spot issues that may not be apparent right away. Instead of being surprised by the challenges involved in getting the property move-in ready for tenants, you need to check whether remodeling is necessary.

From updating an older kitchen to including more storage solutions, understanding the projects you should undertake will separate turn-key properties and fixer-uppers.

There's also the possibility that the property could require repairs before any tenants move in, making it helpful to have an inspection done that thoroughly covers the property.

Discuss Pricing Negotiations

Getting a great deal on a property can be a challenge alone, making it vital to reach out to a realtor to discuss the pricing. Negotiating the listing price and what the property includes can be challenging to do alone. Working with a realtor can ensure that you're in control of your budget and help you find properties worth the expense with rental potential in mind.

As you look for a property to purchase and set up as a rental property, you need to understand the challenges of finding a suitable space. Before looking through listings on your own, working with a real estate agent can help you understand all the options. Their guidance can help you find a listing that makes the most sense for a rental property with which you can earn an income after finding a tenant.