Selling a house can be a fast way to make a large sum of money, but you must first be able to attract interested buyers. There are several things that can cause a buyer to be uninterested in purchasing a house, including the exterior appearance and price it is being sold for. If you desire to place your house up for sale, getting it in a presentable condition should be done first to initially attract buyers. You should then get a professional valuation of your home so you can determine a fair price to place it on the market, as you don't want to go too far under or over what the home is valued. Learn more about home valuations in the remainder of this article.

Assess the Land the Property Is On

When a home is valuated, there is much more to the process than the building itself. The land that the property sits on plays a role in the overall value that it has as well. For instance, the land will be assessed to determine how stable it is. Basically, someone will visit your property to find out if the soil has a high risk of sliding, which can affect the home foundation. The soil might also be assessed for dangerous contaminants, especially if the home is on a farm that is used for growing crops.

Consider the Age & Condition of the House

The age of a home can affect how much it is valued at, but old age doesn't necessarily mean that you should sell it at a low price. Sometimes old homes are actually more valuable than a more modern one, such as if it is considered to be a historic property. A valuation will include comparing the age of the house to the overall condition that it is in. For example, if you have a home that is decades old, but the original materials are still in top shape, it can be more valuable than you may think. The roof, walls, ceilings, windows, cabinetry, flooring, and many other things will be factored into the value assessment.

Factor in Where the House Is Located

A house can be in top shape but located in a bad area, which can cause the value of it to go down. When your home is valuated, the location it is in will be considered. If your home is located in a desirable location, it can actually add to the overall value.

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