It is common for retail spaces to rent out a storefront underneath a residential apartment complex. If you have a business that would be good for the community but is more of an office setup, consider setting up an office in the storefront of an apartment complex. Here are three reasons why you should plop your business in a retail storefront and how it will affect your business. 

It makes the office seem less formidable

If you want your employees to enjoy coming into your offices every day, you should make sure your company is housed in an enjoyable location. Being on the street level and near retail shops and residences means that the area is lively. In an average office building, your workers may not have many windows nor any interaction with the community. With a storefront office, your workers can view the entire neighborhood, get to know other nearby stores, and even step outside and take a small break when necessary. 

There is more lighting and more life

Offices in a storefront tend to have more windows. Having more windows inside of an office makes it more vibrant. This vibrancy can be transmitted to employees and provide the office with more energy throughout the workday. With a storefront that has large windows, no one has to fight for the desk that has the best lighting. The big windows will allow everyone to get the same amount of bright light, providing a lively work setting. Being able to see and interact with the crowd walking on the sidewalk in front of the business will make drawing interest in your business even better. 

An inviting office is the best marketing

The beauty and aura of an office are often highly underestimated. A well-decorated office with creative outside space will make passersby wish to stop into your office. If your office deals with the public at large, a storefront can be encouragement for people to stop by. Often, having to wait in lines and having to deal with a stuffy or bland office can turn customers off. If you are located in a cute storefront, your offices may appear similar to retail establishments. This will encourage your current and future customers to stop by. You can also pick up new customers from nearby shops, since being able to run errands and shop in the same place is more pleasurable than going out of the way to a standalone office. 

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