Buying a home is a process that could take months to complete. Between actually searching for the home and closing, there are a lot of little steps that can make it seem as if time is slowly dragging by. Fortunately for you, there are ways you can speed up the home buying process so that you and your family can move on with your lives.  

Work with an experienced real estate agent. The temptation to go it alone or rely on an inexperienced friend or family member might help you save money, but it can slow the process down. An experienced agent can help you quickly narrow down your choices and even help you find homes that are not on the market yet.  

Know what you want. Indecisiveness about what you want in a home can make it impossible for your agent to find a list of homes for you to view. Take the time to make a list of amenities that you and your family must have and a separate list of items you will compromise on. 

Get pre-approved. Even if you are confident that you will be approved for a home loan, get pre-approved anyway. Pre-approval helps to cut down on some of the paperwork that the lender will require and lets the seller know you are serious about buying the home. 

Be smart with your offer. You need to make an offer that is convincing enough for the seller that he or she will accept it without waiting to see if there are better offers. Since you want to buy quickly, underbidding the home might not be the best option. Your agent can help you craft a smart offer.  

Ask for an early closing. In the weeks leading up to the closing, you have to complete a number of tasks, such as getting homeowners insurance. This does not mean that you have to schedule closing for months away. If you stay focused on the end game, you can be prepared for an early closing.  

Call your lender a week before closing. Your lender will most likely reassess your creditworthiness in the days before the closing. During your call to the lender, you can find out if any additional information is needed to complete the approval process.  

Your real estate agent can help identify any other steps you can take to speed up the home buying process so you can quickly take possession of a new home.