To get your home sold quickly, it's essential to have a successful real estate agent by your side. But successful agents don't take on every client that walks through their door – after all, they've likely got their plate full with other clients already. So you'll want to make a good impression during those consultations with potential real estate agents. Here's how you can do just that:

Rent a Dumpster

Before you even start looking for a real estate agent to work with, it's a good idea to do some spring cleaning at home, so the place makes a good impression when potential agents come to tour it. Start by renting a dumpster for the week before you plan to find an agent to hire, and spend that time cleaning out every single room inside of your home, and every square inch of its exterior.

Consider giving the walls a quick paint job to freshen things up, and hold a garage sale to get rid of any furniture, artwork, books, and other items that are cluttering things up. Have the drop box picked up before your first meeting starts with potential agents. In the end, they'll thank you for doing some of the preemptive legwork ahead of time.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

Getting all of your paperwork together before meeting with potential real estate agents will let them know that you're serious about selling your home and prepared to do so quickly. It will also show them that you think ahead of time and won't waste their time if they decide to work with you.

Your mortgage paperwork or deed, any bank loan information you have, home repair and maintenance receipts, past inspection reports, and anything else that has to do with your home should be collected and copied. Staple copies of the paperwork together to create packets that you can give each agent you consult with.

Do Your Homework

To impress potential real estate agents, do some homework about the sale of your home before meeting with them. Learn about relevant information such as the value of your home, the average going rate for similar homes in your area that have been recently sold, how much various inspections will cost, and whether or not any special permits need to be pulled before a sale can be made. Not only will you show potential agents that you have some skills they can make use of to get your home sold, but it confirms that you want to take action as opposed to just test the waters.

These tips and tricks should help catch the attention of successful real estate agents in your area so you can quickly get your home sold and move on to new pastures.