If you want a luxury condo, you need to move carefully and quickly. There are several tips that can help you get the property of your dreams. Take a look at these ideas:

1. Don't shop on your own.

While it's fine to do a bit of window shopping or attending open houses on your own, once you start seriously considering looking for condos for sale, you should elicit the help of a professional. In some cases, properties aren't even publicly listed -- as is the case with the highest price condo ever sold in Minneapolis -- and you need an insider to know what's going on.

2. Choose a real estate agent who knows the area.

When you select a real estate agent, choose one that knows that area. Ideally, they should be well connected in the local real estate community, and they should be aware of the pros and cons in each area.

3. Insist up an agent who understands the luxury market.

In addition to real estate experience and local knowledge in general, your agent should be versed in luxury condo sales in particular. Whether you want luxury amenities such as a private elevator, your own manicured lawn, wrap-around balconies or other features, you need a real estate agent who is familiar with what is on offer in your area.

4. Don't delay on buying if the market is tight.

In many cases, the luxury condo market is tight. This is especially true in small towns or relatively small cities. Additionally, prices in popular markets tend to go up quickly, with reports of coveted properties increasing in price by nearly double within a year time period. If you are shopping in a market that doesn't have a lot of new properties being built, you may not want to delay making an offer. Instead, make an offer right away so you don't' lose your dream home.

5. Don't let a hasty bid force you into overpaying.

Although you should bid quickly, there are cases where you also need to slow down. In particular, buyers who are in a hurry are known to overpay for properties. Unfortunately, however, finding the balance between buying quickly to not lose a deal and not overpaying can be difficult. That's where a quality agent comes into play. For more tips on buying a luxury condo, contact a real estate agent. They can guide you in the right direction toward your new home.