It's often easy to decide on the number of bedrooms you will need in a home. Along with your partner and children, this calculation allows you to assign a bedroom for each person within the family. Instead of sticking to this exact number, sometimes it's a good idea to add a little extra leeway to your house shopping. Purchasing a home with an extra bedroom may seem like an area of wasted space, but there are four advantages of gaining that extra space. When browsing for houses with a real estate agent, you can visualize the uses for this extra bedroom and make a huge difference on the layout of your new home.

Master Bathroom Expansion

Instead of having the master bedroom suite remain how it is, you can dramatically change the spacing and available room with a master bathroom expansion. The additional space in an extra bedroom makes it a lot easier to convert the space and connect it to your master bedroom. This allows you to have full features inside of a master bathroom space. This includes a standing shower, garden tub, and a double vanity for you and your partner.

Walk-In Closet Conversion

Instead of an expanded bathroom, the extra bedroom space can be converted into a large walk-in closet. Instead of having limited space within your own bedroom, a walk-in closet can allow you to comfortably store shoes, clothes, and other accessories. The extra space inside of the bedroom allows you to dress comfortably and try on clothes within the space of the closet. By choosing the bedroom closest to your master bedroom, you can install a connecting doorway that gives you easy access.

Children Growing Older

As children grow older, an extra bedroom can provide a number of different options. Upgrading a larger bedroom will give them more space to relax and have some privacy. The extra space can also be used as a playroom or study area for school work. The extra bedroom can also be saved for any future additions to your family. If you decide to have additional children, the room is ideal for a nursery and a way to prevent children from sharing a room together.

Extra Room Options

When settling down into a new home, you may realize that you want the extra bedroom space for a variety of uses. Instead of just having a guest bedroom, the space can be used for a home gym, library, or a space for various hobbies like crafting. Instead of crowding other spaces like the kitchen, the extra bedroom is great for storage and actively using the room for various needs.

It's always easy to deal with having a little extra space instead of not having enough space. Work with a real estate agent to view houses for sale that have the extra room available so you can see your various options.