NFC, or Near Field Communication chips allow people with specially-equipped devices to transfer and transmit data between devices and between a device and marketing items like posters and business cards. The applications in real estate marketing are unlimited. If you would like to know how to make NFC chip technology work for your real estate agency, try some of the following suggestions.

NFC Chips in Your Business Cards

These chips are thin enough that imbedding them into your business cards is not that difficult. You can store any kind of contact information, broker or agent bio information, and agency information in the chips. The only difficult part is finding a marketing firm that can create your business cards, reproduce the NFC chips with all the info you want on them and then fitting the chips into the business cards. However, if your agency specifically hires an NFC chip real estate marketing and technology company to create other marketing items, then they should be able to create the business cards too.

NFC Chips in the Property Signs

Thick plastic or cardboard property signs can also contain NFC chips. When your agency orders several of their property signs (the kind that hang from a post in front of houses or commercial properties for sale) they can also request individualized NFC chips that provide information on the individual properties. Be sure to get the sign company to clearly mark where on the signs the chips are located so that property buyers/ home buyers can get close enough to the signage with their devices to connect and extract the information from the chips. This is an easier way to provide all of the basic information on a property without having to leave flyers in a box on the sign posts.

NFC Chips in Company Promotional Posters

Promotional posters are a smaller version of roadside billboards. Since it would be nearly impossible (and not really useful) to put NFC chips in billboards that people rarely get near, it makes better since to put the NFC chips on the backs of promotional posters. The real estate posters can then be hung in just about any public place, including framed and on the backs of restroom doors or above booths in restaurants. The information your real estate agency chooses to put on this set of chips should coincide with whatever promotion or idea your agency is trying to convey through the posters.