If you're relocating to a new area and you need to find a realtor, you need to be selective. The realtor you choose can greatly affect your home buying experience, and how much you pay for the home. Not all real estate agents are the same and not all agents are going to provide their clients with the same type of service.

You want to use an agent to help you find what you're looking for quickly. Here are three things you want to think about before you contact someone to be your agent and start showing you properties.

Don't Choose the Listing Realtor

The listing realtor is representing the sellers, so they are going to have the seller's best interests first and foremost. Choosing the listing agent on a property that you like can also lead to complications during negotiations, and when you want things the seller isn't willing give. Getting your own agent means you have someone that is fighting for what you want in the deal, and they only have your opinion to satisfy.

Look at the Agent's Other Listings

Just because you find a realtor works for a company in a metro area, doesn't mean that realtor is familiar with all of the sub-areas. Make sure you find an agent that both sells and has purchased houses with clients in the exact area where you want to buy, because they can estimate home value and sale price the best. If you're buying an expensive home you want an agent that has had listings at the same caliber as what you're looking for.

Avoid Part Time Agents

There are many real estate agents that only work part time. Avoid these agents and pick an agent that spends all of their time working for their clients, and that can be reachable whenever you need. You want someone who is in the field every day looking at marketing trends, and who is experienced selling and buying real estate.

You can call a real estate agency and ask them to connect you with an agent that works in your area, or you can ask them to give you references from other clients before you commit to any agent. If you commonly see a name on listings in the area where you want to look, or on the types of homes that you want to buy, that agent may be a good place to start.