When you own a rental property, whether you assume the role of the landlord or use a property manager such as ABA Rental Properties Inc, you may get quite comfortable in the current situation and strive to keep it that way. However, when your financial situation is improving and you are in-between tenants, you should use this opportunity to make valuable upgrades that can help you charge higher rent when you list the rental property.

Small and Varied Curb Appeal Improvements

For most situations, you want the showcase image to be the front of the home. It is this picture that will determine how much initial interest you generate from potential tenants. When you have plenty of people interested in your rental home, you have a high chance of renting it quickly and at the asking price.

Curb appeal improvements do not need to be substantial. For instance, you can get professional landscaping to tidy up the yard, get rid of weeds, and plant several perennials for color and beauty. It is also worthwhile to hire a handyman or take matters into your own hands to give a fresh coat of paint to the window frames, remedy chipped paint, and build a fence to conceal trash and recycle receptacles.

Change Stylized Features to Neutral

When buying an existing property, you may end up with some features that fall on the stylized side. However, since these features generally reduce tenant interest, you should invest in upgrades that make the home more neutral. Neutrality is what you need to attract the largest number of applicants.

Match the Kitchen Appliances

Mismatched appliances just do not look that great in any space, especially the kitchen. Although stainless steel appliances are attractive, you can do just fine with white ones, as long as they are all matching. It is this kind of consistency that people want to see when looking at rental homes.

Get Hardwood Flooring

Although hardwood flooring requires a larger initial investment compared to carpeting, you will find that this type of flooring is a highly desirable, yet somewhat rare feature to find in rental properties. It is easy to maintain hardwood through the years and it can stay in great condition through dozens of tenants.

Maintain Hardware Consistency

If you need to change the hardware in one area, you should make these changes to all of the hardware in the room, or even the entire home to maximize consistency. Whether you use rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brushed aluminum, or another material, you want to invest in the same material across the board.

Whether you want to make minor or major upgrades, your main goal should be value. With the upgrades listed above, you have plenty of valuable ways to increase the rent for your rental property.